A Music Composer, Sound Engineer, Percussionist, Pianist, Lyricist, Blogger, Photographer, Explorer & Adventure Junky, and an avid Automobile Enthusiast, "Shubhodeep is a born artist".
An ordinary guy next door with extraordinary dreams, this avid Composer-Arranger, thrives on music & believes in it's ability to build bridges across time & space. For him, music is a never ending journey of adventure & happiness.

It all started, at the age of 4, when Shubhodeep was first introduced to classical music by his parents. The Tabla gave him his first taste of music, which he was fortunate to learn under the able guidance of his Guru, P.K Mukherjee. "He is a gem of a teacher. A perfect example of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, he is a class apart", quotes Shubhodeep.

After the love affair with the Tabla, it was now time to explore new horizons, and Shubhodeep soon laid his hands on the Drums, Mridangam, Darbuka, Kahon & other percussions. Now, having laid the foundation for the rhythms, it was time for the melody to be layered. Hence it was Piano time, and boy, did he take it seriously !!

One evening, Shubhodeep was sitting depressed at a far field. The reason being that he was not able to record down his musical ideas, and that day, the Sound Engineer within him was born. He extensively self taught himself, through all possible sources, and at the age of 16 he made his first recording, with a $1 microphone, which he had earned by selling handmade flags. "Each and every equipment of my studio has a unique story of its acquisition", Shubhodeep recalls, as he proudly sits on the Sound Engineer's chair.

He is ever thankful to his parents, and his darling sis, who have been by his side, holding hands and supporting him all the way to achieve the light, at the end of the tunnel, which God had lit for him.

God Bless..