Episode 3 - Meghbalikar Jonyo Rupkotha

How are youth, love and creativity mingled together? Here is the story of a budding, adolescent poet—swooning and falling over the beautiful secrets of life and love, and then emerging like a butterfly flying out of its cocoon in blazing colours. The misty girl of his childhood love grows in due course into a vivacious lass who he loses in the tangled web of life, but . . . does he? Is a love ever lost? Or, does it somehow turn into a blissful paradise, and continues to act as an oasis in the desert called life?

Episode 2 - Krishnokoli

Rabindranath Tagore once offered a poet’s vision of a dark village girl, whom he famously christened ‘Krishnakoli,’ the black beauty. But notwithstanding his romantic vision, dark-complexioned girls, particularly those from the poorer families, have always been handed an unfair deal in real life in our culture, obsessed with fairness of complexion. Very few can appreciate inner beauty in the male-dominated marriage scenario, in our country. Our girl is a victim of this crass collective vulgarity. What was she forced to go through? How did she choose to negotiate her luck?

Episode 1 - sharodiya

The early autumn festive season is knocking at the door. The year-long wait for the dearest daughter Uma's (Durga) homecoming is about to be over. The parents are waiting with a parched heart for a glimpse of the apple of their eyes. 

Nabin-kaka, the poor potter who makes clay idols every year for a living, has made only a few idols of the Goddess this year - a grim year of devastating floods and the ensuing epidemic. The village children are allowed to catch a glimpse of all the idols but one, stored away at a lonely corner of his hut. Finally, when that idol is unveiled, everyone is startled! And then?......