The Sargoshee Project

Music that speaks melody, portrays different moods of love, has a touch of Hindustani Classical, cooked in an oven of World Music, paints the picture of the love of Radha and Krishna, of ancient India, and of the Ragas sung in the durbars of Kings in the Mughal Days, is all what the music of "The Sargoshee Project" is all about.

The music of "The Sargoshee Project" will take you on a rapid journey through to the banks of Kashi, to the deserts of Sindh, to Meera Bai's village Kudki in Rajasthan, only to be limited by your imagination.

Soona Tha Yeh Angna

Based partially on Raag MaruBihag, "Soona Yeh Angna" was the first song Shubhodeep composed for the Sargoshee Project. The song conveys the joy and happiness Radha feels after Krishna has come back. It can also be compared to the feelings of a soldier’s wife who sees her husband after he returns from a war.

"Soona Yeh Angna" is a song of celebration & happiness. The lover wants to enjoy each and every moment with her saajna, tell him those hard times, the pain she felt when he was not with her, dance with him all night in bliss and happiness. The song ends on a very high note wherein the feeling of the lover reaching the summit of happiness.

Vocals - Rahul
Lyrics, Drums - Shubhodeep
Sitar - Soumitra


Sajna Ghar Na Aaye

Imagine that it's midnight, you just had a fight with your lover. He walks out of the house. You sit all night outside the house, waiting for him to return. Dawn breaks, but he still doesn't return. That's what this song is all about.
"Sajna Ghar Na Aaye" tells a story about the sense of separation between two lovers.
She is sad that her “saajna” has left her because of the differences they had between them.
Differences and disputes that are very minor and common between two people deeply in love with each other.
The lover wants him back. She wants to tell him that it is because of her eternal love and care for him, that she behaved with him in that manner, its her love for him and not hatred.

Vocals - Rahul,
Lyrics, Tabla, Drums, Piano, Acoustic Guitars - Shubhodeep
Electric Guitars - Anirban

Tosey Nahi Bolun

A blend of contrary emotions of happiness, sorrow, anger, frustration and also the deep love that the lover has for her sajnaa. It’s a song where he tries to make her happy, but she is adamant and doesn’t want to talk to him. She complains saying, "You dont care for me. I had a tough time dealing with situations now and then, and u didn’t even care for me". But somewhere she still has that soft corner for him and realizes that stretching these things and being angry on him would make the relationship weak. So she decides to forgive him and finally again they come together to live a happy life.

Vocals - Keerthana,
Lyrics, Tabla, Drums, Piano, Acoustic Guitars - Shubhodeep

Penned by Amir Khusro, "Mori Araj Suno" might seem quite a familiar and famous poem that we all might have come across reading. Shubhodeep got so inspired by it that he couldn't help but calling Rahul & Keerthana for a recording session to turn it into a song. 
The song is a conversation of a poor man with God where he appeals to the Lord to pay heed to his requests, which are no gaudy, but simple. He says to the Lord, "You made this world and the man, but thereafter didn't even look back at it to see how your Man was doing on earth. As a result man has deviated from Your path".
Another twist takes, when the poor man says, "After so many countless centuries, now its realized that the only one who didn't visit into your temple was only You".
One can write an entire book on that last line.

Mori Araj Suno

Vocals - Rahul & Keerthana
Tabla, Drums, Piano, Acoustic Guitars - Shubhodeep
Electric Guitars - Anirban
Flutes - Suraj  Sreedharan

Tumse Milne

Vocals - Vineeth 
Piano, Lyrics - Shubhodeep
Electric Guitars - Anirban
A couple of decades have passed by, and one fine day reminds you of your long lost love.
Knowing very well about the consequences, you start craving for that person again. Just imagine what a tornado it could bring in both of your lives.
This is exactly the situation which this song tells the story about. Based on Raga Hamsadhwani and put in a country/rock music encapsulation, with some amazing guitaring by Anirban, "Tumse Milne" is definitely going to stir some long lost secrets out of your heart.

Sung by Vineeth Das, whom Shubhodeep met a year ago and was impressed by Vineeth's bassy timbre. Vineeth is a guest artist for this project.

The Afterdark Symphony

Tabla, Piano, Additional Percussions - Shubhodeep
Electric Guitars - Anirban
Sitar - Soumitra
Violin - Sanchit
Come, watch the East meet the West. Barriers break here!
Come, Indulge into some haste, where every instrument seems to be on fire.

Raag Bageshri appears in a new avatar. Shubhodeep yet again proves the "Odd Man Out" saying wrong with this instrumental "The Afterdark Symphony", wherein the Sitar, Tabla, Guitars, Violin, Timbales, Darbukas, Drums, Arpeggios, and a pinch of electronic sounds, are all stuffed into a single territory.

On one side you'll find Anirban's electric guitars blazing on fire, and on the other hand, Soumitra's & Shubhodeep's Sitar and Tabla, gasping for some breath amidst their speed.
Now why should the Violin hold back. It could be found showing off too, befriending the Timbales.
"The Afterdark Symphony was one of the most difficult tracks to arrange, and record", quotes Shubhodeep.


The Fusion Romance

Ever heard of a Raga Tilak Kamod & Raga Desh based Latin groove on Mridangam? Wondering?

With an innovative use of Spanish Guitars, Sitar (The Indian Lute), Tabla, and Vocal Alaaps, "The Fusion Romance" yet again brings forth a fresh combination of instruments and musical techniques from the east and the west.

Created for a concert of Shubhodeep's sister's Dance Ensemble, "The Fusion Romance" undoubtedly had to make its way to "The Sargoshee Project".

Vocal Alaaps - Rathin Mukherjee
Acoustic Guitars - Anirban
Sitar - Soumitra
Piano, Tabla - Shubhodeep